Shifu Rishigen Eason Chetty


Rishigen Chetty aka Kody, started his martial arts training at only 5 years of age (1981) with acrobatics, Japanese Jujutsu and then Ninjutsu. His then instructor introduced him to various other styles of Japanese Martial Arts such as Kenjutsu, Aikijutsu and Judo.

Not being able to find another teacher after his instructor passed away, he began to research martial arts and found an interest in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. When he was 15 he found a Luohan Kung Fu Kwoon and enrolled at the Shun Wu Tang Kung Fu Centre, which was situated above Tong Lok restaurant in Smith Street, in the CBD of Durban.

This “complete” system of martial arts overwhelmed him and he soon began to realise where most of his Japanese techniques originated from. While still a junior at SWT, his thirst for martial knowledge lead him to enroll in various other styles of martial arts, including, Tae Kwon Do (first WTF [1st dan]then much later on ITF[2gup]), Jeet Kun Do, Bushido, Kali and Escrima, Pro Amateur Wrestling, Muay Thai, and Amok Knife Fighting. He eventually started to loose interest in these styles and  found them redundant, as all the techniques were found in the SWT syllabus. When his SWT instructor passed away in 1996, he, together with a few senior students, continued training privately as a closed group until they were ready to officially re-open the Kwoon, under the guidance of the head of the system, Master Malcolm Hansen. Shifu Kody is now the senior instructor at the Durban Kwoon, the very same Kwoon that he started off as a junior in, in 1990.

He held the National Heavy Weight Title for 6 years in full contact fighting, during his competitive years, and still has a love for the games. His new found passion involves research and development of Martial Arts, and spreading the essence of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts to the modern generations. In 2014 he successfully graded to 4th Degree (the highest rank in KZN) and was awarded the legendary Seven Star Kwan Dao by Master Su.