Shifu Kuben Govender

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I started my martial arts journey training under Shifu Ave Vink in 1986, learning Wing Chun and then later changed to the Shaolin style of Southern Luohan Chuan. Under the instruction of Shifu Ave I studied techniques of White Crane, Tai Tzu, Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, Chi Na, Chi Kung and Dragon dance formations. Also as a bonus, I learnt fire-arm and knife fighting techniques along with personnel protection strategies.

After the passing of Shifu Ave, I continued my martial arts journey in Southern Lohan Chaun under Shifu Malcolm Hansen, currently ranked 6th degree and head of Shun Wu Tang SA

Under Shifu Malcolm’s tutoring I successfully graded to my current rank of 4th degree in 2014 and was awarded the prestigious Seven Star Kwan Dao by Grand Master Su.