Shifu Dieter Göttert 


Shifu Dieter Göttert has been studying martial arts since 1982. In 1987, he was accepted as a student by Grandmaster Su Chin Miel.

It was during the time that Grandmaster Su was resident in South Africa that Shifu Dieter learnt the Southern Luohan system of Shun Wu Tang. Grandmaster Su has since returned to Taiwan, and he is in regular contact with the senior Shun Wu Tang instructors in South Africa.

Shifu Dieter visits Taiwan regularly to maintain standards and to further his kung fu studies.

In 1989, Shifu Dieter Göttert represented South Africa in the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation World Championships in Las Vegas, in the 65-70kg weight category.

Also in 1989, Shifu Dieter Göttert took over the Alberton kwoon which was originally started by Master Su.

In 2006 Shifu Dieter graded to 6th Degree under Grandmaster Su Chin Miel in Taiwan

Since 1986 Shifu Dieter Göttert has been actively involved in the production of video clips of South African martial arts and documentaries.

Shifu Dieter Göttert is  one of the Senior Instructors of Shun Wu Tang in South Africa. He is currently teaching from Observatory, Johannesburg.